Engage a healthier workforce, move forward

Employee health assistance software that puts prevention efforts on autopilot and makes wellbeing tasks effortless.

Our solutions

Empower a united wellbeing front, and win together

We help you progress your prevention agenda, lift community participation, provide day-to-day assistance, build prevention and care protocols, provide smart access to policies and offerings, manage tasks and more.


Industry tailored screenings on autopilot ensuring you don’t have to worry about missing another ‘silent’ 🔇 wellbeing issue again.

  • Research based screenings
  • Bi-weekly recurrence
  • Screening packages


Activate your employees’ innate desire to help each other and create a community around the preventive agenda 💁

  • Spotter education
  • Quick tips
  • Community recognition


Never leave employees in the dark, have a response and prevention protocol 🍎 for every employee’s health incident

  • Care facilitation
  • Automatic 'next steps'
  • Company policy integration


Encourage employees to proactively contribute to the strengthening of their teams’ and their work environment 🙏

  • Incident triggered feedback
  • Suggested actions

Health CheckSM

Provide your employees with the full picture and educate on key health risks to drive prevention from the bottom-up 🏃

  • By-yearly cycles
  • Health tracking
  • Advice and navigation

Day-to-day assistanceSM

Increase health resource exposure, save time on task-intensive jobs & ensure that every employees is expertly cared for 💓

  • Personal care assistant
  • Smart resource access
  • One-stop contact

Care matchSM

Leave nothing to chances, our assisted care protocol ensures that the right employees, receive the right care, at the right time ✅ and avoid benefit gaps

  • Automatic resource navigation
  • Assisted insurance handover
  • Tailored care packages
  • Ecosystem access

Task ManagerSM

Rest assure💆 that every employee have been expertly cared for and free up time to tackle organizational root cause issues

  • Progress reports
  • Root cause feedback
our promise

Healthy teams drive
winning outcomes

Mutedo offers a unique blend of digital and personal services, enhancing employee health and wellbeing through prevention and care.

our access points

Connect intuitively, boost participation

Delivered in MS Teams

All of our services and your benefits, initiatives, and policies gathered in one place. Accessible directly in Teams, personalized to each employee.

Ecosystem access

Complementary access of +40 health services, eliminating benefit gaps and fostering a healthier, more engaged workforce at no extra cost.

Our process

Achieve excellence in no time

Our formula is clear: simplicity. Anticipate a seamless journey, frictionless adoption, and unparalleled support.

Just open and go.

Dive in with ease and witness swift results. No lengthy integrations needed.

Everyone’s a power user.

Designed for universal use, empower everyone in your company.

Dedicated support, always.

Our team's commitment ensures your success. We call it support, on-demand.

use cases

Explore the value Mutedo can bring to your industry

Office heavy

Desk-based work, meetings, and collaboration in a structured setting:

  • Ensure that mental health resources reach employees in risk of burnout before it’s too late via screenings with built-in care and prevention protocols.
  • Avoid musculoskeletal issues, such as back pain and repetitive strain injuries due to prolonged sitting and poor workstation setups by engaging ergonomics champions via Mutedo’s education program to drive prevention from the bottom-up.
  • Ensure employees deploy available resources and take the appropriate self-care measures to reduce eye strain and vision problems.
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Hands-on activities, involving physical exertion and sometimes outdoor work:

  • Reduce the likelihood of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) caused by repetitive movements, manual handling of heavy loads, awkward postures, or prolonged use of tools, by conducting regular on-site screenings with integrated prevention and care protocols.
  • Extend your reach by providing employees on-site access to resources that can combat occupational stress and mental health issues, and screen for adverse events.
  • Educate employees on the best practices with our knowledge library to prevent injuries or accidents prevalent in your specific line of work.
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Remote work

Usually from home, relying on digital communication and offering location flexibility:

  • Avoid repetitive strain injuries caused by makeshift workspaces by ensuring sufficient ergonomic and non-sedentary principles are adhered to via off-site screenings.
  • Ensure the right support framework is in place to avoid isolation, and lack of clear separation between work and homelife, by providing access to helplines and other relevant resources.
  • Ensure no employee is left behind by giving every employee easy access from the comfort of their home to individual care, support and security.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A real person will be available to assist you from Monday to Friday, from morning until evening. Alternatively, you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Can I try mutedo?

Yes! Try it for yourself by booking a demo session by clicking the link below.

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What does Mutedo Cost?

We offer different pricing solutions depending on size, individual needs, and the scope of the partnership. In cases where Mutedo is offered together with insurance we can offer customers Mutedo’s services on a complimentary basis (free of charge). Book a call to learn more about our pricing options.

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Who uses Mutedo?

Mutedo is designed to work across most industries as we tailor our procedures to meet the unique demands of your industry. Working in an office-heavy, hands-on, or remote work sector? Explore how we can support you by clicking below.

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How does the Assistant work?

The assistant exists directly in your Teams chat and is always at your disposal. The assistant has a wide array of purposes and can guide you through complex healthcare navigation tasks or simply assist you on day-to-day matters. Interested in learning more about the assistant? Click below to book a call.

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How do you ensure data privacy?

Our approach to data privacy prioritizes GDPR compliance and user privacy through robust security measures, transparency in data usage, and user control over personal information. We are committed to protecting user data and ensuring their rights are respected. Click the link below to view our privacy policy.

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